Uninstalling Techtool Pro reliably

The symptom here was continual unwanted SMART warnings from the “realtime protector” which didn’t go away despite turning it off.

Login to the Micromat site where you bought it from, and on the My Products page, redownload the installer.

Open it, as if you were installing the application – you will reach a step where you can custom the installation and switch from install to uninstall. Choose this and let it finish. And that’s it.

The system preference pane will be gone and you should no longer have any Techtool processes in Activity Manager.

Apple launch Safari “Technology Preview”

Equivalent to Chrome Canary and Firefox Developer Edition. Fortnightly updates. Requires 10.11.4 (El Capitan).  New features that interest me:  javascript-based clipboard cut and copy (not paste) and improved Content Security Policy support.

What’s encouraging is this may mean Apple are allocating greater resources to Safari development.

Software Recommendations

For developers:

For everyone:

  • 1Password (password manager – works with all web browsers and iOS)
  • coconutBattery (detailed iPhone / Mac battery stats)
  • NVAlt (notetaking. Works with SimpleNote web service/iOS app)

Last updated Feb 2016.